Nemesis Bottom Switch Touch Fire Mod – A Quick My Vape Guide


By request, here is the quick and easy method to modding the Nemesis switch. What this aims to do is reduce the throw to where it is essentially a touch fire. The pressure needed to fire will be almost gone. Please note that this will make your device fire when setting it down unlocked. If that’s a thing for you, then this is not for you. Also note that your device should not have a kick or be using the slim beauty ring. Just your main body tube and 650 extension.

All you’re going to need to do it is one of the silicone condoms that your cartos used to come in. I have a bunch of these around from when I bought a pack of cartos and realized that carto tanks are a pain and st that point in my vaping I preferred clearos. Anyway, if you don’t have one of there check with your local B&M chances are they just throw these away after building setups for new customers.

When you’re done, your pin should look like this:


Don’t mind the dirt, this has some use on it. So here’s what you do:

1. Take your carto condom and using a pair of scissors, cut the closed end off.

2. Now you should have a round-ish piece of silicone. Use you scissors to try and trim down as flat as possible.

3. Take something pointy and make a hole in the middle of this piece. You can use whatever, I used a wine cork. The holes doesn’t have to be huge, just had to be there.

4. Take the bottom pin out of the switch…careful not to lose the tiny pin in there that keeps the button from spinning. Be careful when you unscrew your pin to make sure it doesn’t shoot out.

5. Take your silicone and stretch it out over the bottom firing pin and work it down to the bottom. You can use your scissors to trim any excess silicone that pokes out on the sides of the pin.

6. Now screw the pin back on as far down as it will go. You don’t have to gorilla tighten it down but enough to where it’s in there.

7. Reassemble.

….that’s is! Quick and easy and not permanent. If it’s not your style, you can remove it. All you’re doing is sandwiching a piece of silicone between the pin and switch body.


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